Benefits Of Being A Singapore Permanent Resident

Here are the greatest benefits that people get when they become a permanent resident in Singapore. In fact, let me have you in on a little secret – Singapore’s permanent residency is even more popular than its citizenship by a mile. Many more people apply for Singapore PR application. Here are the reasons why! Significantly […]

Singapore PR Application Agency – Should You Use Them?

Is there any kind of benefit to using a Singapore PR application or immigration agency such as┬áDream or IASG or TIP? Is there a real value add by them to your PR application process or are they overhyped? Let us find out in this article. If you already had your PR application rejected numerous time, […]

How Long Does PR Application Processing Take In SG?

The correct answer will be it depends. However, speaking generally, the time frame for ICA to process PR applications on average in Singapore for PR applicants will be around four to six months from the time you submit your application. If you are confused about applying for permanent residence, you can get an immigration consulting […]

Experience Of Applying For A Singapore Permanent Residence

Many people ask about the processes about a Singapore PR application, and so in this video I will share with you exactly the process of doing it and then eventually getting approved by yourself. If you want to engage the help of immigration consultants, that is perfectly fine too and they can advise you. Step […]