Experience Of Applying For A Singapore Permanent Residence

Many people ask about the processes about a Singapore PR application, and so in this video I will share with you exactly the process of doing it and then eventually getting approved by yourself. If you want to engage the help of immigration consultants, that is perfectly fine too and they can advise you.

Step number one is to make sure that you have at least an E pass or an S pass if you are intending to apply for a Singapore permanent residence using the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme, otherwise known as PTS scheme. Since the PTS scheme is the most popular way for foreigners to apply for a Singapore PR, let us talk about it. Regardless of your educational or past employment elsewhere or in Singapore, if you are holding onto a work permit, you are ineligible to apply. Please do not apply if that is the case, and try to change to an E pass or S pass first. Even with an E pass, you are required to stay in Singapore for a minimum of 6 months prior before Singapore PR application. Once you become a Singapore permanent resident, then you can apply for LTVP Singapore for your immediate family members. For now, need not worry about that.

Once you have ensured that you already have at least an E pass or S pass, you should go online and register for a Singpass Account online. The reason is that you will need to log into your Singpass account for your PR application.

Next of all, you will be needing to contact the Human Resource or HR department at your company for both an Annex A Form and and Employer Letter.

After you have prepared all the required documents – you can use the ICA site for more information and referral, scan in the copies of every document that is required including birth certificate, national identity card, educational transcripts, previous 6 months of salary slips and ICA declaration forms, you are ready to go about your PR application. Something that some people may not expect is that you are also required to list down your residential addresses over the last 10 years. If you have been an expat your whole life and always travelling, and finally decided to settle down for good in Singapore as Singapore is the tech city of the future and also a great hybrid of East meets West, you may want to prep these on hand too.

Keep in mind that you want to set aside a few hours to fill in the details that ICA will require you to do so within the electronic application form. This can take you around 2 to 4 hours depending on how ready you are.

During your Singapore PR application, you will be filling in the electronic form, uploading the required documents, and then make a one time payment of $100. The estimated time required for an outcome to get back to you is roughly six to eight months long. Keep in mind this is just the results, it can be approved or rejected. If you do ever change a job while applying for PR, you will need to notify ICA. Keep in mind that if you are serious about getting your PR application approved, make very sure that your new job, if you so wish to pick it up, is significantly higher pay, and from a stable and prestigious company, or any potential firing, retrenchment or pay cut will potentially result in your PR application going to failure.

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